Yamazaki Kento’s New Scandal?!

I love Kento Yamazaki as an actor… I have been watching his movies and I cried a lot in Orange, laughed a lot in Wolf Girl and the Black Prince..and I am looking forward to his other projects 🙂

Once upon a sushi roll

It’s captured on point.

This is the latest Instagram post from Yamazaki Kento which caught me by surprise. Since when did this boy become so public with his relationship status?!

From what I’ve gathered about him so far, he’s always been quite covert about relationships and has maintained a rather boyish persona – he frequently hangs out with his male buddies, he was still staying with his family up until last year, he often acts in Shoujo (teenage girl) manga adapted movies, etc.

So why?!

Sorry if I had unintentionally misled you. Turns out, it is actually an advertising campaign stunt Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Phew!

Some may easily dismiss this as yet another cheesy advertisement – after all, it simply uses the most foolproof formula of using popular personalities for the campaign. However, I did think the ad is creative and clever in some ways!

  1. It rethinks about…

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