via Daily Prompt: Devastation

Life after graduation… is my definition of devastation.


Well, it’s because after you graduate, you need to have your own house, own car, own credit card. In short, you need to find a job.

However, for one living in the Philippines, it is very hard to find a job despite the fact that you graduated from known schools with higher degree of education.

Although there are several website posts of job vacancies for both private and public employment, one difficult situation for those job seekers is the non-relevancy of the vacant position posted to the course or program he/she graduated. Another difficulty is the required job experience from related employment which in case usually ranges from 2-5 years of working experience. Most fresh graduates are inexperienced, or if they have work-related experience, it was only during their third-year or fourth-year course in which some universities require them to undergo training related to their courses. However, such training is not enough to warrant the 2-5 year work experience needed for the job.

In my case, my working experience is only for 1 year and 5 months, and an on the-job training experience of 2 months and 40 hours. However, such experience is not enough for me to apply for the job position which is relevant to the course I graduated. Thus, my parents are still giving me money for my daily financial needs. This irritates me.

Based on the Philippine Statistics Authority Labor Force Survey, the employment rate as of October 2016 is 95.3% while the underemployment rate is 18% and the unemployment rate is 4.7% which is lesser compared to the October 2015 unemployment rate of 5.6%, with the labor force participation rate of 63.3%.

Therefore, there are already greater number of employed individuals in the Philippines, thus, it would be harder for fresh graduates to find a job relevant to their courses because there are already 95.3% occupying the work force.

Right now,however, I am still eagerly looking for a job and still praying that one day I’ll be a career woman doing my dream job.



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