Healthy Backpacker South Cebu Esapade: Mainit Springs Montaneza Malabuyoc Cebu

From Kawasan Falls, we hire Motocycle Drivers (Habal-habal) going to Mainit Springs Malabuyoc for P150/person. 1person per Habal-habal.

[However, if you’re from Cebu City, just go to South Bus Terminal near E-Mall and ride a Ceres Bus going to Bato-Barili and tell the bus driver you will go to Malabuyoc Mainit Springs.]

Mainit Spring is open from 5am to 5pm.

The entrance fee in Mainit Springs is P20/person.

It’s advisable to go to Mainit springs in the morning so that you will not feel the scourging heat of the sun since the spring is already hot.

There are 4 hot springs. One is with 35 Degree Celsius, the other is 36+ Degree Celsius. These two springs are human-friendly hot springs (heheheh) because we can just dip our entire body. The other two, the 40+ Degree Celsius and the 42+ Degree Celsius were too hot for me. However, one of my friends was able to dip her entire body there. Isn’t she amazing????




Make sure you bring your own food. Although there are food stalls there but they only sell banana cues and if you want to have heavy lunch you can only have chicken either fried or grilled or lechon.

Take Note: you cannot bring food in the hot springs only water is allowed. But don’t worry there are mini-huts or mini-bahay kubo near the entrance where you can eat after you dip.

If you haven’t prepared you lunch, you can go to the market of Montaneza Malabuyoc and there are restaurants or carenderia where you & your friends can eat lunch. In our case, we eat at the restaurant located at the back of their church. Then, it’s also nice to take a picture of their church like a blogger. 🙂


I advice you if you want to have a South Cebu escapade to make this Mainit Springs as your first itinerary then the second is the Kawasan Falls in Badian Cebu. This is because Mainit Springs may open your pores & also good in relaxing your entire body. However, since Philippines is too hot right now, you also need a relaxing cold water to touch your body, and I advice you to go to Kawasan Falls.

For Kawasan itinerary: click here




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