Healthy Backpacker: Kawasan Falls Badian Cebu

Travel Instructions:

Go to Cebu South Terminal near E-Mall, then wait at door 10 for a bus going to Barili-Bato route.

First trip is at 2am. (We took the first trip! Hahahaha! Not advisable because you will arrive very early!)

The trip will be for 3 hours or more.

Tell the driver that you will go to Kawasan falls. He will drop you off at the church where you will wait for motorcycles which will help you go to Kawasan Falls.

Yeah! It’s still dark. We arrived around 5am.

For those Catholics & believer, there’s a grotto with Mama Mary and Jesus where you can Pray for your safe adventure.


Kawasan Falls Badian Travel Expenses (as of May 2016):

Ceres bus from Cebu to Badian – P124 (one-way trip)

Motorcycle (habal-habal) fee going to Kawasan Falls – P50/person

[but you can walk for 15 minutes –

pros: can enjoy the scenery can breath fresh air

3.communicate with nature


1.direction will be difficult since there will be no people around especially when you go there very early in the morning will feel it’s too far because you are super excited to be there at your dream destination…excited to see the Falls!]

The place itself is free (no entrance fee) but you can rent the following:

 i. Life jacket (for those who cannot swim since it’s very deep) — P50

In my case, I was confident, so I did not rent this. 🙂

 ii. Raft — P300/hour

(Take note also that while you are renting the raft, you need someone to pull the rope,thus, another payment)

Service Fee to the “puller” of the raft –P300 but you can ask for a discount. In our case we paid P200.

Because we were all near the falls, and we had no water proof camera at that time, we needed someone to take pictures of us, thus, another service fee of P50 —-actually, the man taking the picture didn’t ask for a fee but because we were so generous (hehehe), we gave him such.


  iii. “Umbrella” tables & chairs – starting fee is P200. But we never rented this! So, this amount is not included in the total expenses.

Also, if you have no food with you, you can request for the staff to cook food for you. However, they only have fish to cook at that time.

My advice: it’s better to bring your own food especially if you are very early because they open their mini restaurant at 7am or 8am.

Moreover, in going back to the main road, this time I can advice you to walk and take pictures of the mini-waterfall and the mini-bridge; and interact with the locals along the way…around 9am, there were already street vendors selling fruits like mangoes and bananas.

Total Group expenses: P1,072.00

Since I went there with my two other friends, so, we shared the burden, thus my Total Individual Expenses for this Kawasan Falls Trip is only P357.

I hope I inspire you to travel and visit Badian’s Kawasan Falls!!! You should really visit!!! I, myself, would still love to go back there!



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  1. Douruba says:

    Wow ……. Waiting a moment soon to be there with you sweetheart


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