Detox Vitamin C (Pure Calamansi Juice Diary)

Day 2
I’m on my second day of detoxifying. Yehey! There are no changes yet on my body since it’s still my second day but I noticed that my sinusitis for 2 days stopped last night. This may be because of the Vitamin C contained in the fruit of calamansi.
Vitamin C is a great antioxidant and a great immune system booster. That’s why everybody should be taking fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C like for example this Pure Calamansi.

I used again 25 calamansi. However, it’s not that green compared to what I bought the other night. My advice to you who would like to try this health detox regimen is to buy only those super green calamansi so that even if you wash it the night before, it would still look green on the morning you will use it. Never use a yellow calamansi.

Steps for the Detox Drink:

1. Wash 25 Green Calamansi.
2. Let it dry overnight.
3. After waking up in the morning, sliced and squeezed those 25 calamansi.
4. Don’t add water. Don’t add sugar.
5. Drink the Pure Calamansi Juice.
6. Do not drink water nor eat breakfast within one (1) hour.

I encourage everyone to try this detox drink and see for yourself the changes and advantages brought to your body and wellness.

For more info, click this:


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