Pure Calamansi Juice Diary (Vitamin C Detox)

After the meaty Christmas & New Year vacation, I want to detoxify and release all the toxins from my body which are caused by eating pork especially lechon and all those unhealthy food. So, I asked my friends on what to do. They told me that it’s easy to detox using calamansi pure juice every morning after waking up before breakfast.

Calamansi is rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid and has several important functions like it helps to protect cells and keeps them healthy; necessary for the maintenance of healthy connective tissue; gives support and structure for other tissue and organs; and helps wound healing.

Since, I am very inspired of detoxifying and becoming health conscious, I would love to try and continue this health regimen. So, I started it today.

Day 1

To prepare the Calamansi Detox, I washed 25 pieces of Green Calamansi last night. Why last night? It is because you have to make sure that the calamansi is not mixed with any water, otherwise, it may become acidic.

After waking up, I sliced and squeezed those 25 calamansi. NO water; NO sugar to be mixed. ONLY PURE CALAMANSI JUICE. Then I drunk the juice. Then I waited for one (1) hour before I can drink water or take my breakfast. Within such 1 hour, you should not take or eat anything in order for the detox to be effective.

I can say that the aftertaste is not that good since the mixed taste of sourness and bitterness remain in my mouth…but maybe it is because today is my first day of trying this Pure Calamansi Juice Detox. Maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I will be able to like the aftertaste. After all, health is wealth and you must strive to become healthy.


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